Introducing Meidjo

Here is the first information

Firstly, a big thank you to those involved in the launching of Meidjo!  Thank you all for your support through your messages, all partners who have helped us to launch this new binding.

Through their relevant feedback from early trials of tracks, the technique has been worked out to get an innovative product developed closer to your expectations to best meet your desires.

We are happy to announce the arrival on the market, of a telemark binding which should change the way you ski, and that should make you, hopefully, amateurs, enthusiasts and eventually unconditional!!!


Principales caractéristiques de Meidjo 1

  • Easy Step In: System of immediate positioning of the front toe of the boot when clicking the toe and automatic locking of the 2nd heel of the boot by simply pressing the heel
  • Touring : Low Tech system (the only reliable system over time) and touring mode = total freedom of movement with the heel free. Two heel sets  7° and 13°
  • Weight: 800g per pair, making it the lightest of modern telemark bindings
  • Security : Adjustable security system and independent from the tension spring
  • Performance: Meidjo is the compromise between the power of NTN, the progressivity and the amplitude of the best bindings standard 75 as the connection between shoe and binding is rigid, the edge grip is immediate. The shoe is at 20 mm above the ski (low center of gravity)
  • Simplicity: All manipulations without stooping, using the pole to lock or unlocks the Low Tech system. To release the binding the pole is enough - press it's open
  • Active: Instant tension on the shoe when lifting the heel
  • Adaptable: Supplied with two additional springs to customize the tension
  • Anchorage: 6 attachment points in front with a pitch of 45 mm
  • Design: All items including Low Tech were designed to practice telemark. The goal was set for a maximum reliability
  • Optional : integration ResQski in the heel. This is the only binding of the market that includes a sensor capable of finding the skis at 30 m and under 1 m of snow. The heel protects the Tag (transmitter) while allowing visualization of its operation

MEIDJO is protected through a PTC world patent

We hope that this taste of Meidjo will make you want to discover it in stores in early November. Until then, we will send other tasty bits of information about the hardware, testing, accessories, and demonstrations.
Stay tunes, we have a lot of surprise to show you the next weeks!

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