Caroline Delattre

Based in Prades, in the Pyrenees Ariegeoises, Caroline is a telemark enthusiast just like her brother Romain, also a Meidjo ambassador. She has never ski again since... Telemark : an incomparable revelation of skiing and an unparalleled freedom that allows you to ride in all conditions (and there are some in the Pyrenees!!!) of snow, both in the resort and on hikes.
Like her brother, she is part of the "Fent'astik Telemark Pyrenees" team that develops telemark on the massif, during gatherings and initiations on the track for the most curious!
  • Age: 37 years old
  • Place of birth: Villeneuve sur Lot (47)
  • Place of residence: Prades (09), 1300 m altitude
  • Telemark speciality: freerando/ track
  • At what age did you start skiing? At 5 years old at the Mongie resort in the Hautes Pyrénées with a great instructor, Papy Galiay.
  • When and why did you start telemarking? I was initiated in 2009 by a skimmer from Ax les Thermes' "telemark Pyrénées" shop. I was starting to get bored skiing and I had 3 friends who did, I was a fan of the elegance of one of the 3... I wanted to test it, it was a revelation right away, I sold my alpine bindings and equipped my K2 miss demeanor with SX veils...
  • What do you like about telemark? In telemark, I feel free and at the same time close to the very essence of skiing. I feel different and close to a unique and ancestral activity, based on movement, sliding. On the other hand, I admit, I love the sporting side... it's a demanding sport... I haven't practiced any other winter sliding since 2009, while telemark, so a good sheathing is mandatory with good thighs ! I love it. It's complete and sometimes hard on the body... a little masochistic side?
  • What do you like about Meidjo bindings? The ease of fitting, the lightness, the general appearance nice to the eye (red and black, insert). In terms of behaviour, I find myself there because I am demanding (everything depends on the spring). What would be nice would be to have the color level tuner!
  • What is your favorite spot for telemarking? My Pyrenean mountains globally.
  • What is your next destination or place where you would like to go telemarking? Norway and Iceland...not very surprising no? but the ultimate trip would be to make a portion of paths with the local breeds of horses from there, the Norwegian FJORD and the Icelandic pony...then go riding.
  • Did you compete? What prizes did you win? I have only competed in Andorra. I was a member of an Andorran club... Vice champion of Andorra in 2015, 1st in freeride contest in 2017. But overall, I hate it. I don't know how I got these
  • What do you do for a living? I am freelance in communication project management and influencer in outdoor sports and lifestyle in the Pyrenees.
  • What other sports or non-sports activities do you do? I am a mountain fanatic so I do a lot of outdoor sports like enduro mountain biking, horse riding, touring, hiking, climbing, but also more recent sports: yoga, sophrology. It's all about desire, timing....and weather! My job allows me to be free on all this.