Joe Turner

  • Age : 45 years young

  • Place of birth : Augusta, Maine but grew up in Yosemite, CA. Have resided in Boulder, CO; Crested Butte, CO; Jackson Hole, WY and currently Big Sky, Montana since 2007.

  • Place of residence: Three Forks, MT

  • Specialization in telemark: Big Mountain Skiing

  • At what age did you start skiing? 2 years old

  • When and why did you start telemarking? I was living in Crested Butte, CO in 1997, after a few years of friends in Boulder, CO trying to get me to try telemark skiing on Berthoud Pass, I decided that the low snow conditions of the early season in CB would be a perfect time to try out telemark skiing in the hopes of adding a cardio aspect to my training for Extreme Skiing Competitions. After the very first run on telemark equipment and making high speed GS turns I never looked back and was instantly addicted to the telemark turn.

  • What do you like about telemark? My favorite part about telemark skiing is EVERYTHING. Uphill, Downhill, light weight gear, powder faceshots, ability to ski all conditions well, spring-corn faceshots, comfortability & warmth of equipment, wind-blown faceshots, can charge or surf with style, groomer faceshots, and you can damn near do anything on telemark gear that can be done on alpine gear. Oh and did I mention the faceshots?

  • What do you like about Meidjo bindings? What has me so turned on about the Meidjo binding is that it is the only progressive binding that allows for greater flex and a lower adaptable stance for greatest edge power while while skiing varying conditions while increasing torsional rigidity. The NTN bindings promote a more vertical stance, which is fine for most everyday skiing for the general public, but 75mm allows for a greater flex of the knees and stance bringing the skiers weight and center of gravity lower to the ski for maximum edge pressure in a tele stance while in hard-pack no-fall conditions and near vertical slope angles. The Meidjo is the answer and solves this situation perfectly while being dynamic and never compromising safety or performance. I feel confident skiing the sometimes icy super steep slopes of Chamonix and Big Sky or the neck deep powder that we get in Montana and Japan or even throwing my body off a silly big cliff into some fluffy landing, I know my skis and bindings will not fail, hopefully my body always keeps up ;-)

  • What is your favorite spot for telemarking? There are so many great resorts to make your soul turn at that it is hard to say but my favorite so far is where I call home and that is Big Sky, Montana. On a whole other level is skiing the backcountry and that is truly where it is at for me, I doesn’t get any better than deep backcountry missions into wild terrain. I love the adventures that telemark has always promoted, the rest of the snow sports industry is just trying to catch up ;-)

  • Where is your next destination or where would you like to go telemarking? Kamchatka, Russia; Tatras, Slovakia/Poland; Georgias & Causcaus Mountains

  • Did you compete? What prizes did you win? I have been deeply embedded in the competition scene for quite some time. I was at the very first Telemark Extreme Comps ever held and my ski partner Scott Murray and I drove up from Crested Butte; Scott took home first place. Since then I have been a competitor, United States Telemark Ski Association  Regional Director, Organizer of Freesking Comps (Alpine, Snowboard & Telemark) and currently am a Senior Head Judge for the IFSA/FWQ.

  • What is your job? In the summer I am a horse trainer and in the winter I am a Snowreporter for Big Sky Resort, IFSA/FWQ Senior Head Judge and an Athlete/Ambassador in the Telemark Industry. Always looking for adventures and like-minded souls to participate and help document travels.

  • What other sports or others activities do you practice? I love to spend time with my kids and wife in the outdoors and also like to white water kayak & raft, ride horses, hike, hunt, backpack, camp, snowmobile and generally play and enjoy the outdoors while trying to positively contribute to this incredible planet we inhabit.

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