Kristian Winther

Age: 32. Lives in Trondheim.
Born and raised in Bodø, in the northern part of Norway. Moved to Trondheim to study computer science and never left. Works as a systems developer.

As a cross country skier until the age of 20 he needed to find something new to do after he quit that life style. Touring the mountains have always been a part of his life, either in the form of skiing or hunting, and with the mountains close to home with the possibility to go from sea to summit in a few hours, the choice was easy. The mountains located near his parents cabin will always have a special place in his heart, and touring them with his dad, who also is an avid telemark skier, is something he does every chance he gets during winter vacations.

Back in Trondheim, Kristian usually goes park skiing. A good friend showed him a few years ago what was possible to do in the park with telemark skis, and after that Kristian was hooked. With a small hill located not far from Trondheim, in Storlien, he spends most weekends during winter, doing double nose-presses, tele-grabs and tele-slides, and is also to be seen in Trondheims local resort, Vassfjellet, on weekdays..

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