Kristian Winther

Kristian Winther was born and raised in Bodø, northern Norway. Back in Trondheim, Kristian usually cross-country skies. A good friend showed him a few years ago what it was possible to do in the park with telemark skis, and after that Kristian never left the telemark.
With a small hill near Trondheim, in Storlien, he spends most of his weekends in winter making double nose-presses, tele-grab and tele-slide and can be seen in Vassfjellet, the local station in Trondheim, on weekdays.
  • Age : 35
  • Place of birth : Bodø, Norway
  • Place of residence: Trondheim, Norway
  • Specialization in telemark: Parkskiing
  • At what age did you start skiing? As every Norwegian, I was born with skiis on my feet. Cross country skier until the age of 20, then picked up telemark. Started park skiing in 2014 after a friend showed me that it was possible to have fun in the park with telemark.
  • When and why did you start telemarking? In 2007, after we got a pair of Black Diamond Havoc in the sporting goods store I was working at, and I immediately knew I wanted to try those out. Bought a pair of boots and 75mm bindings same day and went out hiking right after I mounted them. Was not as easy as I tought it would be, but from that moment on, I was hooked.
  • What do you like about telemark? The freedom it gives you. With a free heel you have so much more possibilites yet to explore, both in the park and the backcountry. And when learning something new, theres always a way to further develop that. Being either a trick in the park or backcountry, more style when turning, or just when you feel the need for speed, dropping the knee as low as you can and making huuuuuuuuuge turns.
  • What do you like about Meidjo bindings? The Meidjo gives you the perfect amount of resistance when skiing. There is a constant resistance when dropping you knee, and you dont feel a sudden stop when getting low as you can with several other types. This way you have a better feel for the ground and a product of that is that you can actually trust your skiis to do their job with carving. And if you, like me, like to go skiing in the park or slopes, you can thighten up the springs, or even ride stiffer springs for more resistance, and then loosening them up when getting back to the powpow. Being in my thirties, I've grown scared of my limbs, specially my knees. Skiers are prone to knee injuries, but Meidjo has separated tension springs and release springs which gives you a more sense of trust in the binding. It gives you the option to have it release on different settings when falling badly. And of course, the weight! As Ronnie Coleman would say, "Yeeah buddy, light weight"!
  • What is your favorite spot for telemarking? The mountains located my parents cabin will always have a special place in my heart, and touring them with my dad, who also is an avid telemark skier, is something I do every chance I get during winter vacations.
  • Where is your next destination or where would you like to go telemarking? The next location is a trip to Kvitfjell in midt march. The park in Kvitfjell is always on point, and being only a 4 hour drive from Trondheim it's close enough for a weekend get away. And I would really like to go back to La Clusaz, where we went skiing last April. Only got half a day there before I sustained an injury and had to look at the mountains and bluebird from inside the cabin.
  • Did you compete? What prizes did you win? Have not competed in any telemark races. Competetive XC skier until the age of 20, so after that I just wanted to have as much fun as possible on skis.
  • What is your job? Systems Developer
  • What other sports or others activities do you practise? Got hooked on triathlon a few years back, so alot of my time goes by swimming, biking and running. In the autumns im hunting grouses with my irish setter, Sansa Bark, and try to get in some trout fishing during the summers.
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