Lena Attorresi

Lena Attorresi, born from the love of two ski instructors in 1990 in Austria and rised in the Italian Appennini, now resident in Livigno.
Since always, her biggest passion was skiing and compiting till year 18 in FIS competition.
After becoming a ski instructor in 2010, she decided to move to the Alps where she focused in Freestyle, Freeride and of couse Telemark skiing. After few years she became Ski and Freestyle coach and actually training the Freestyle club Livigno.
When she realized that she wanted only to ski and teach all the kids around the world she started to move in the southern hemisphere collecting many seasons of experience.
Always travelling with her telemark gear to make peoples stoke higher but sincerely her heart has been kidnapped for this special discipline called telemark.
  • Age: 31
  • Place of Birth: Austria, Neunkirchen
  • Place of residence: Italy, Livigno
  • Specialization in telemark: Telemark Isctructor since 2018 / Telemarkids Project.
  • At what age did you start skiing: I started skiieng at age 3
  • When and Why did you start Telemarking :The thing that has always fascinated me is that you were always closer to the snow than others. I started in 2012 in Livigno for my first skieda. I have really special memories hoe everything began.
  • What do you like about telemark :OH actually i like many things about Telemark, telemarking is for me dancing without any help of music... Telemark is for me Art of bodyexpession in movement.
  • What do you like about Meidjo Binding : Meidjo is a cool and innovative telemark bindig, it's light and easy to use, expecially in extreme conditions. A good point is that you can change the springs easily and set the stiffness according to different conditions.
  • What is your favorite spot for Telemarking : For me it is important to share the spot with the people you love, if this factor is allways present you will find the perfect spot everyday. Cile will be so far my favorite spot to go, for the mouantains, for the people and for la buena onda inside.
  • Where is your next destination or where would you like to go Telemarking : Recently I have had the chance to be part in a nice project. We skied in the center Appenni the Gran Sasso with my dear friend Silvia Moser.
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  • Did You compite: I competed in different telemark disciplins like telemark world cup and freeride.
    1 place engadine snow – corvatsch 2018 ski
    3place engadine snow – corvatsch 2019 ski
  • What prizes did you win: :) i won becouse i've seen new places and met some cool people who I want to be part in my life forever. Once I won a nice price money … 400 francs
  • What is your job: I'm a full year ski instructor. I like to stay and teach to kids because I would like to give them the possibylities to live the mountain at fullest and try to make them love nature.
  • What other sports or non-sports activities do you do: Mostly I like to walk up mountains with low weight and mainly straight. Would love to learn climbing.
  • Laura Grenier-Solliget - Ambassadrice pour THE M Equipment

Best results ski

  • 1 place Engadinsnow 3* freeride qualifier Corvatch 2018
  • 3 place Kappl Paznaun 2* freeride qualifier 2014

Best result Telemark

  • 8 place telemark world cup slovenia 2017
  • Last important Summit: Cerro El Morado 4620m cajon del maipo Chile skins and telemark
  • second ascent from a women - first ascent in Telemark
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