Savoyard and Jurassian crossover, Lionel has lived in the Hautes ∙ Alpes since 1984. He taught cross ∙ country skiing on the sites of the Jura for many years but his heart has always gone to off ∙ piste and faraway places. He discovered telemark in the 80s with his foundry buddies. The kneeling ski hasn't left him since...
His job as a high mountain guide brought him to the southern Alps. He teaches telemark and accompanies it ever it travels (Nordic countries, Canada, Alpine countries...) and in his almost daily practice of touring hiking in winter. He is not a competitor at heart and telemark is for him a glide of elegance, freedom and soft efficiency.
There was no book in French that explored telemark, so he took the liberty of writing it. "From telemark to elegance" is just a celebration of this very special ski.
He likes the idea of the Meidjo, this binding promises a beautiful evolution in fidelity to this age ∙ old glide."