Mikaël Garcin, known as Mika, lives in Barcelonnette in the Alpes de Haute Provence (France). He is a ski instructor at the ESI of PraLoup and practices intensively (and that is not to say) telemark especially in Freeride with an affection for the New School trend.
He has a weakness for Jib and freestyle.
  • Mika Garcin ambassadeur pour THE M Equipment
  • Mika Garcin ambassadeur pour THE M Equipment
  • Mika Garcin ambassadeur pour THE M Equipment
  • Mika Garcin ambassadeur pour THE M Equipment
  • Mika Garcin ambassadeur pour THE M Equipment
  • Mika Garcin ambassadeur pour THE M Equipment

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    Quelques résultats

    1er Trolls Sauze Super Sauze 2007
    2ème Derby de Praloup 2008
    Participation Urban Jib Vars 2009 2010 2011 2012
    23ème FWQ ** St Foy 2014
    36ème FWQ ** Les Arcs 2014
    23ème FWQ ** Chamonix 2014
    20ème français Classement Freeride Temos FWQ 2014 (interne au classement skieur)
    302ème Classement Mondial FWQ 2014 (interne au classement skieur)
    1er Concours Photo Millet 2014
    3ème au Madesimo Freeride Festival Catégorie Pro

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    • Age : 30 years old
    • Place of birth : Gap, France
    • Place of residence : Barcelonnette in the Ubaye valley
    • Telemark speciality : I am versatile but I am a freestyler and freerider but I keep a preference for making beautiful curves in one side of Freeride
    • At what age did you start skiing? I attacked telemark at the age of 15/16 but I was on skis from the age of four.
    • When and why did you start telemarking? I started telemarking because my older brother was doing it and I wanted to do the same by stealing his equipment
    • What do you like about telemark? What I like about telemark is the plurality of styles that are all effective, the gesture of playing with extra balance and the aesthetics it brings.
    • What do you like about Meidjo bindings? The Meidjo is for me a tool with which I can express myself, its robustness and the precision they bring me are perfect for all styles of practice in freestyle, hiking or freeride.
    • What is your favorite spot for telemarking? My favorite spot is the link between Praloup and La Foux d'Allos but I like all the mountains where I can ride.
    • What is your next destination or place you would like to go telemarking? I have many countries where I want to set down my Telemarks but for the moment my dream spot is still Alaska.
    • Did you compete? What prizes did you win at ∙? Yes I did a lot of competition, I did four seasons on the FWQ in telemark where I was ranked in the skiers. I made top 20 overall in all four seasons, I competed in the Freeheel Life Cup in Grand Targee in 2018 where I finished 9th.
    • What job do you do? I have two jobs: ski instructor at the ESI in Praloup and I am boilermaker the rest of the year.
    • What other sports or others activities do you practise? I practice enduro mountain biking a lot, I find a lot of sensations of sliding, a lot of blocks in the gym to work on my mind and strengthen my back and especially hiking in the mountains to recharge my batteries.