He was born in Bologna in 1969 and he has skied since he was 3 years old, and then move to Cortina In 1992. In his life he had the opportunity to do a lot of different things but skied whise persistently present in all his years.
He raced with the young Alberto Tomba, but the big change of its ski career was when he met this incredible skier called Morten on telemark. What happened on december 1992 , when he was ready to become a ski teacher , is that Morten stile and the telemark totally kidnapped him on this new dimensiom of freedom and feelings into the Snow.
So he starts by exploring the potential of telemark in all the terrains on leather boots, he skied a lot of corridors in the Dolimites, he did guide course with this equipment, he was the first and the last....after him he changed the rules.
To find the way on the snow with telemark equipment, with a good friend Mauro Girardi, they cross the alps in the whinter, with a tent, backpack, a small amount of money they started in Austria at the bottom of the Ancogel and they walked during 2 months to reach Nevache at the spring time.
Best victory of his life.
When he became a guide he has to follow a dream , to ski where the snow is. So he started this new career and he rent a boat in Norway to take people on the fjords... it was the first of many ski trips because after he took his telemark skis in Giapan , Kamchakta , Kashmir , Libanon , Uzbekistan , Mount Elbrus , New Zeland , Canada , USA , Chile , Argentina , Equador , Bolivia , Iran , Iceland , Greenland , Alaska.... He shared adventures with skiers also in the 2 biggest telemark events in Italy , la Skieda in Livigno and la Scufoneda in Moena.
He always dreamt a light telemark equipment with 2 buckle in front , easy in easy off , releasable and strong: thanks to Meidjo realizing this!
  • Paolo Tassi - Photographer : Marizio Fasano

    Skier Paolo Tassi - Photographer : Marizio Fasano

  • Paolo Tassi - Photography by Francesco Silvestri

    Skier Paolo Tassi - Photography by Francesco Silvestri

  • Paolo Tassi - Photographer : Marizio Fasano

    Skier Paolo Tassi - Photographer : Marizio Fasano