Romain lives in the Pyrenees Ariégeoises not far from Ax-les-Thermes. He started Telemark in 2008 on Ax's tracks, at the same time as his sister Caroline. From the first descents and these new sensations of sliding, he immediately caught the virus.
Member of the Fent'astik Pyrénées Telemark team, this association promotes the practice of Telemark through their beloved Pyrenean mountains and beyond.
With the Meidjo 2.1, they hope to develop the free heel community to share these unique sensations with as many people as possible.
  • Age: 42 years old
  • Place of birth: Villeneuve Sur Lot (47)
  • Place of residence: Pamiers (09)
  • Telemark Specialty: none in particular if it is not to always try to ride with fluidity and relaxation whatever the terrain and snow conditions.
  • At what age did you start skiing? 5 years old
  • When and why did you start Telemark? in 2008 to discover a new glide, new sensations and for this particular gesture (genuflexion) and finally so natural.
  • What do you like about telemark? The movement, the rhythm and the sensations, especially in powder.
  • What do you like about Meidjo bindings? It is an active fixation as I like with an unequalled progressiveness, reactivity and control. The lightness that really gave me back the pleasure of touring. Finally, it is simply a beautiful product.
  • What is your favorite spot for telemarking? The Pyrenees in general with a preference for Ariège and Andorra.
  • What is your next destination or place where you would like to telemark? I dreamed of making some slits while going down Mount Yote in Japan (Hokkaido)
  • Did you compete? What prize did you win? I have participated in some classics (Telemark Andorra Championship) but it's not too much my kif!
  • What job do you do? I'm a Business Manager
  • What other sports or non-sports activities do you do? Hiking and mountain biking as well as mountain photography in summer. Tennis.
  • Romain

    Skier Romain