Tor Olav Naalsund

He works as a IFMGA Mountainguide in Oppdal, Norway. He brings his guests skiing in his favorite skiing area; the coastal mountains further west of Oppdal in the region where he grew up, Sunndalsfjella.

Thats also where he has his part-job for the Norwegian Avalanche Forecast. He has been skiing for 35 years, since mid- 80`s. He started as a telemarkskier back then, because that`s what everyone did in my small hometown. That led him to win several Worldcup-races on his telemarkskis in late 90`s. He was skiing and touring on alpine gear from 2000-2012 (mostly because of the lack of good touring gear for telemark in those years), but then back to telemark in 2013.

He telemarks because that`s what gives him the best skiing and skitouring during a long and variable winter season.

  • Sunndalsfjella Traverse

  • Sunndalsfjella Traverse

  • Credit Pål Røsrud