Alpine Heel

239,00 €



Talonniere Alpine pour fixation modele MEIDJO
Origine & Made in France - Composé de plastique & métal
Alpin heel for MEIDJO Binding
Origine & Made in France - Composition of plastic & steel

Une paire/A pair

Alpin Heelset

Compatible with all Meidjo

Pass easily, from telemark to ski or ski to telemark. Make your choice!

The alpine heel allows you to push the freedom of genuflexion even further by choosing either telemark or alpine ski mode.

It has become the indispensable accessory for those who want to move from one style to another or pass the exposed passages, without having to remove shoes and stress.

Lateral release guaranteed

Weight : 220g the pair

Adjustable in a range of 6 sizes. Ex : for adjustment of a shoe in 26.5, possibility to adjust up to 29

Adjustable in a range of 1mm to18mm

5mm dynamic bloc : secures the alpine heel anchorage and protects your ski

Telemark boots for the alpine heel:

At present, only the Crispi brand sells telemark boot with rear inserts: all Crispi boots with inserts at the front have rear insert allowing the use of the alpine heel.

If you want Scarpa boots with rear inserts, only models before 2016 are fitted with rear inserts.

Warning : Scarpa TX Comp have never had front and rear inserts.

Release with the alpine heel:

In case of fall, the complete release is guaranteed in rotation. The release is effected onto the heel and via the spring box.

Refer to the manual of the setting of releasable system on the spring box.