Ski Brakes

55,00 €
Stop Ski Size



Kit Stop Ski complet largeur 105mm pour modèle MEIDJO
Origine & Made in France - Composé de plastique & métal
Stop ski for MEIDJO size 105 mm
Origine & Made in France - Composition of plastic & steel

Une paire/One pair

Ski brakes

Compatible with Meidjo 1 and Meidjo 2

Meidjo ski brakes will facilitate the usage of telemark and secure your pratice. You will never lost your skis during a line.

Stopskis are available in 5 sizes: 85mm , 95mm , 105mm , 120mm , 130mm

NB: Stop-skis sold before autumn 2017 are NOT compatibles with the Meidjo 2.1. Stop-skis, sold til autumn 2017 are compatible with all Meidjo models.
Skibrakes instructions      Visit the documentation page

The package contains :

  • 2 skibrakes for MEIDJO

NB : if you also buy crampon interface, it’s preferable to choose between the use of ski brakes and the use of crampon interface.
If you prefer touring, it is advisable to install the crampon interface.
If you prefer alpine skiing, it is advisable to install ski brakes.
However, if you want to use both options, it will be necessary to install crampon larger than the ski brakes.