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The best way to check shipping costs is online – this will enable you to compare Standard and Express shipping, also how shipping costs vary should you add or delete items from your order. To do this please create an account on our site. It’s quick and easy, and will allow you to amend the gear you’re interested in as you like. We do NOT share your details with any 3rd parties whatsoever, so your details are safe with us. To check the shipping costs, add the items to the cart and then please go to the 1st stage of the Checkout process. (You can back-track to the Shopping Cart at any stage, with no obligation to continue the Checkout).


We generally ship to the USA and Canada using UPS Express Saver. Delivery to the east coast normally takes about 4 days, to the west coast and the Rockies 4-6 days. We ship every weekday Monday-Friday and you will receive notification by email that the package has left, with the tracking code. You can simulate the likely delivery time to your address on www.ups.com. (our zipcode is 13124, France).


This page has some information regarding the charges you may be asked to pay when ordering goods for delivery to the USA. This information is based upon our customers feedback and experience to date. As such we welcome all contributions to keep this page up to date - please do tell us if you were charged duty and how it was calculated. Thanks!

Import Taxes

Goods entering the US are liable to import taxes which vary according to type of article and country of origin. The following rates are levied on ski gear made in the EC:

  • Alpine Bindings: 2.8%

Whether these taxes are collected appears to be entirely arbitrary. Some customers have told us that no taxes were charged at all. If they are charged then the amount to pay is not high. For example one customer told us that he paid $5.98 tax on a pair of ski bindings plus a $5 "handling fee", a total of $10.98. As he put it "They find a way to collect, but its not much".

We have had many repeat orders from the our US customers so presumably import charges are not a problem.

Sales Tax
Our prices are net of US sales tax. As far as we know there is no sales tax to pay on purchases from abroad.


This page under construction - please help us sending in any information regarding import charges and taxes that you have incurred. We'll add this data to help other customers. Thanks!!

Goods entering Canada are liable to two different charges, the "Goods and Services Tax" (GST) and import tariffs which apply for certain goods.

  1. The "Goods and Services Tax" (GST) is currently 5% and is charged on all goods entering Canada.
  2. Import tariffs vary according to type of item being imported, and the country of origin. Some examples are:

Ski Bindings (Code 9506.12.00): 6%

There is a Canada Customs web site that lets you determine import tarifs for any item:



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