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Meidjo 3 is the telemark binding brings you progressiveness, lightness and precision.


  • Powerful: New Tech Toe system is 40% more powerful than Meidjo 2

  • Incredible lateral rigidity : instant response for powerful edge engagement

  • Light: 455 g per large size binding

  • Easy step-in: intuitive and flat step-in (no need to lift the spring box to arm it)
  • Reliable: high-performance materials
  • Safe: fully adjustable lateral release in case of fall

  • Two Stage Heel Lift: two settings, easily engaged with a ski pole

  • Progressive and continuous tension for unparalleled precision and engagement throughout the turn


  • Designed and manufactured in France
  • Recyclable materials: aluminium, steel
  • Bio-based materials: eco Friendly Pebax with proven performance in winter sports

  • Enhanced design for longer binding life
  • Fully Repairable with easily available parts

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  • MEIDJO has revolutionized the practice of telemarking!
    This latest version MEIDJO 3 brings emotions that telemarkers had never experienced before:
    • An incisive edge grip as soon as you enter a curve ;
    • A feeling of engagement from the beginning of the genuflexion which continues progressively in a homogeneous way and with precision for a fluid and effective driving of curve ;
    • A very fast return of the inside foot at the end of the curve, at the change of slot to dive into the next curve in a fraction of a second ;
    • Surprising ease of use ;
    • A design without compromise on safety in extreme situations: the new Low-Tech is more powerful to keep the shoe in the adrenaline corridors, while having a precision of the release during falls (adjustable release) ;
    • Versatile ease of use, which makes it THE UNIVERSAL BINDING on the market, with its touring mode, alpine skiing mode, and numerous accessories.

    Easy to handle and robust, it offers the progressiveness and amplitude of a standard 75 binding, and the power of an NTN (Rottefella) binding for telemark mode; as well as the mobility and efficiency of an insert binding for touring mode.
    It is for these reasons that MEIDJO has seduced the world of experienced guides, touring, freeride, freestyle and of course competition!

    Our efforts to satisfy the most demanding riders have been rewarded, as MEIDJO received the precious Editor's Choice of Backcountry Magazine in 2017 after winning the Gold Winner Award at ISPO in 2015.

    And so that you can continue to ski on the wonderful snowy slopes of our beautiful planet in a sustainable way, we have eco-designed MEIDJO 3, with a selection of recyclable materials, including the use of agro-sourced plastics from fair trade agriculture, and reinforced precision mechanics on the sensitive parts.
    MEIDJO 3 is a condensed version of technologies that integrates less environmental impact while extending the lifetime of the binding,
    making it the first eco-designed Telemark binding in the world!

    Sensations and pleasure guaranteed for snow sports enthusiasts!

    Détails  DÉTAILS

    • Powerful: Instant power when lifting the shoe. Immediate transition from one edge to another. Truly progressive and continuous tension on the shoe
    • Long springs for even more flexibility. 2 or 4 springs to choose according to the desired sensations.
    • Secure: guaranteed lateral release and reinforced support of the boot (1st in the world)
    • Facilité de chaussage : le système de verrouillage automatique Step-In simplifie le chaussage de vos skis
    • Anti-snow accumulation (ASP)
    • Touring wedge: easy to lift up in a single gesture of a stick
    • A touring mode with free pivot and free heel. Simply lift your shoe. Even more freedom on the way up!
    • Long springs for even more flexibility. 2 or 4 springs to choose according to the desired sensations.
    • The automatic locking system simplifies the fitting of your skis.
    • Reliable: high-performance materials (aluminum 7075, carbon-reinforced technical polyamide...).
    • Sustainable: Crimped tips on jaws with integrated ice cutter
    • Evolving: Dismountable and repairable
    • Made in France: design, manufacturing and assembly

    Détails techniques  DÉTAILS TECHNIQUES

    • Weight: 492 g per large binding with screws (500 g for the 2.1)
    • Touring aids : shim of 7°(3,5) and 13° (5,5cm)
    • Sizes:
      • Size S: for shoe from 22.5 to 26 (mondopoint)
      • Size L: for shoe from 26.5 to 31 (mondopoint)
    • *For Scott shoes:
      • Small size: for shoe from 22.5 to 25,5
      • Large size: for shoe from 26 to 31
    • Bootsole-ski distance: 20mm


    • New low-tech (patented): 40% more powerful than Meidjo 2
      Two springs, instead of four, which have a larger diameter and use a larger gauge spring for strength, considerably increasing the holding force of the shoe.
      We have studied, recalculated and tested new kinematics to bring more precision when you step-in and more power when holding.
      Thus, the jaws close quickly and firmly.
    • Easy step-in (no more need to lift the spring box). A new feature is the possibility to shoe without lifting the spring box. This makes putting on the shoe quicker and easier: lock the shoe in the low-tech and then lower the heel to lock it in the spring box.
    • Eco-designed binding
      • Flextor made of Pebax® rnew®, a polyamide material derived from castor oil. Flextor made of Pebax® has the advantage of being more flexibel, 20% lighter (than the previous one) and more resistant to cold winter conditions.
      • Spring box injected in recycled carbon: for better impact resistance; polyamide material made from castor oil from fair trade agriculture, recyclable


    • 2 bindings (with heel set)
    • 4 additional black springs
    • 12 screws 18 mm
    • 14 screwss 11,5 mm
    • 2 ASP (Anti-Snow Pack)
    • 2 anti-ice
    • 2 touring plate and their lock
    • 1 Allen wrench 3mm
    • 2 drilling pattern
    • Mounting instructions and user manual
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