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Spring lever kit 2.1

EAN : 3760102000519 Large - 3760102000502 Small
85,00 €
Provides better anchoring and avoids snow accumulation
  • A better anchoring
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  • Details  DETAILS

    • For Meidjo 2.0 and 2.1

    Technical Details  TECHNICAL DETAILS

    • Weight : 140g
    • Steel and plastic
    • In size S, the drilling pattern of the Meidjo 2.1 is identical to that of the Meidjo 2.0.
    • Be carefull in size L, the pattern of the Meidjo 2.1 is different from that of the Meidjo 2.0 in the base plate. At the back of the base plate: two new holes are to be drilled and the two old ones are to be filled. The new holes are aligned with the others for a better anchoring.

    Updates  MEIDJO 2.1 UPDATES

    • Improvement of the base plate for a better anchoring on mosts skis

    Package Content  PACKAGE CONTENT

    • 2 base plate
    • 2 anti-now pack
    • 2 low-tech plate
    • screws
    • mounting instructions and drilling pattern