Which brands sell telemark boots?

Last update on September 18, 2020

Telemark is a market in which 3 brands distribute specific boots for telemark: Crispi, Scarpa and Scott.

The choice will be based, above all, on comfort.

As a second step, the choice will be made according to different criteria and depending on your use: terrain type / performance / flex / comfort / weight / shoe type standard 75 or NTN ...

Number of buckles : a three- buckles shoe is used more for touring ski (lighter and lower boots) than a 4- buckles shoe that is more oriented for mountaineering.

Two parameters are considered in the flex: the stiffness of the collar and the stiffness of the bellows.

Rigidity of the collar
Rigidité du collier

Rigidity of the bellows
Rigidité du soufflet

For advice and more information on the choice of your telemark boots, we invite you to contact a specialist store.

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