THE M Equipment was born one day in April 2014 in Peypin en Provence, France, because the founder, Pierre, lived there. At the seaside, but 2 hours from the Alps, we have the project to get closer to our beautiful alpine mountains.


The idea of creating Meidjo was a game at first : can I still invent something? In 2011, when Pierre wanted to invent a new fixation, the offer on the market was disappointing, there were few players, the product design was outdated and innovation was absent. He then thought it was possible to propose a better binding to satisfy the expectations of telemarkers.
Looking back, getting into telemark market was a little crazy, but Pierre is proud to have done it and has no regrets. Today, all the positive feedback from telemarkers around the world is a daily resource. It's really nice to share a passion with people from Japan, USA or Norway.


Meidjo was a revolution from the moment it was launched:
  • first low-tech NTN
  • system step-in
  • an adjustable security
  • and less than half the weight of the first competitor.
The ISPO Gold Award three months after the release of Meidjo is fully justified. The binding also received the precious Editor's Choice from Backcountry magazine in 2017.
In the second year, we introduced the Alpine Heel for those who wish to ski the difficult passages with the heel attached, an option in very high demand.


  • 2014-2015: Creation of the prototype and commercialization of the Meidjo 1
  • 2015: Meidjo wins Gold Winner Award at ISPO
  • 2016: Marketing of the Meidjo 2.0 and the Alpine heel
  • 2017: Meidjo is awarded the Editors Choice by Backcountry magazine
  • 2017-2019: Commercialization of Meidjo 2.1
  • After 2019 : We continue the development work to always improve our products and satisfy your requests


  • Quality: because we like things well designed and telemark requires adequate materials

  • Innovation: because we believe in the future of telemark
  • Safety: because it seems essential to us to practice our passion with serenity
  • Excellence: because we want to be a pioneer in the telemark market
  • Service and availability: because we hope to satisfy our customers 100%.
  • Sustainable development: because we are committed to offering you products that are manufactured and assembled locally.


Founder of the company, I am a mechanical engineer. I was a project manager or department manager in different sectors of the industry such as sports equipment manufacturing, fall protection, aeronautics, medical and nuclear. Passionate about sliding sports (Skate, BMX, MTB, Funboard) I practiced snowboarding for 30 years. I discovered telemark in 2011 and after a few tests to learn genuflexion, I quickly thought about designing a new binding adapted to NTN shoes. After a long work, I was able to validate a prototype NTN step-in mounting. So I created THE M Equipment in 2014 to produce and market Meidjo.


Graduated with a master's degree in marketing, I worked mainly in tourist structures, notably in Chamonix. Curious to discover telemark and wanting to join a company linked to the mountain sports industry, it is in 2016 that I join The M equipment. I am in charge of logistics, communication, after-sales service... and several other tasks related to the management of a small company. As a mountain lover, I have another activity: mountain leader during the summer season.


I am a mechanical engineer. I am also a mountain lover since I started to practice rock climbing at the age of 11. I spend my free time skiing, trekking, and climbing. After my degree, I wanted to work on outdoor sport products in an innovative company. I discovered The M Equipment and telemark, and I joined the team at the beginning of 2019
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