Serial Heelers - Best Of

Winter is knocking at the door and we will be able to make our first line in this beautiful powder in the beginning of November. To celebrate this we present our best of in our Serial Heelers webserie. Our two favorite telemarkers, Seb and Aymerick, tell us about their passion for this noble art. Again Yves will regale us with these superb images of telemark on our most beautiful mountains. So Let 's Telemark.

THE M Equipment would like to thank our partners Crosscall, Crispi and Arctérix who support this wonderful project.

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Serial Heelers - Tignes Verbier

Who never wanted to bluff his best buddy? With this third Edit Seb in Verbier and Aymeric in Tignes under Yves’s camera will as usual amuse us. In April, difficult for the snow conditions in Europe, who will win this game of bluff?

Again thank you to our partners Crosscall, Arcteryx and Crispi for supporting this great project of free telemark touring. Long live free heel !!!!


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The Skieda 2016

From april 2nd til 9th in Livigno

XXIInd International Telemark Festival

skieda 2016 the m

All THE M Equipment team, including Jean-Claude, Raoul and Pierre, will be present during the Skieda 2016 in Livigno. We will bring skis (Scott, Kastelaar et Coretti) equiped with Meidjo 2.0 and different size of shoes.

More infos about this event can be found on their website :

Read more: The Skieda 2016

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Serial Heelers - Chamonix

After an epic episode in Japan, our two telemark friends went in search of the Saint Grail in Chamonix. Calling in on Peter of the Rabbit on the Roof, they made a bound in time to our delight. Afterwards they had no hesitation in mounting in the middle of the seracs to let us discover the breathtaking landscape. On seeing these scenes on really underdtands why Chamonix makes all us mountain lovers dream.


Again a big thank you to our partners, Crosscall, Crispi, Arctéryx, Giro who allow THE M Equipment to offer you these wonderful pictures. Winter continues with this beautiful snow which prefigures a long touring season. Free heel free spirit!

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Serial Heelers - Season 2

Episode 1 - Japan

You were a large number in appreciating our webserie last winter and it is with great pleasure that we announce the season 2 of Serial Heelers.

Here in Europe we're still waiting for the snow, so Seb & Aymeric went in search of powder snow to Japan, to Hakuba more exactly. It is Norihilde Yamagishi , The M Equipment​ ambassador in Japan, who guided our team in these magnificent mountains. As usual Yves shot breathtaking images and made gilt edged's editing. This episode will go into the annals of ski. I am really anxious to congratulate the team on this beautiful work.

I want to thank our partners CROSSCALL, CRISPI and ARCTERYX as well as GIRO and TELEMARK SKIER who joined the project to propose you this webserie.

A very special thanks to SONNE our distributor in Japan who advised the team for the logistics in the land of the rising sun.

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Telemark World Cup 2016

From january the 29th til february the 2nd - Contamines Resort (France)

telemark championnat du monde contamine 2016

During the Telemark World Cup, from january the 29th and february the 2nd, THE M will be present on sunday the 31st to let you test our new binding MEIDJO 2.0 and its accessories.

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