Serial Heelers - Verbier

Season 1 - Episode 3

Seb wanted us to discover one of his favorite spots in Verbier in the Swiss Valaisan. Of course Aymeric joins him in this fine Free Touring TELEMARK trip.

Their Meidjo allows them to go ever higher , and for our greatest pleasure , they marked these wonderful Verbier slops in the best style.

How far will they go ? magnificent panoramas, engagement and extenses of dreamlike powder snow... stay tuned in for in a few days you will discover the third episode of Serial HEELERS and find a feast for your eyes.


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Serial Heelers - Valfrejus

Thabor Massif, Maurienne region

The snow has finally arrived, and as good news never arrives alone here is the second episode of our webserie Serial HEELERS.

Aymeric and Seb have set their hearts on the Thabor Massif (France), and they asked Mika to join them for a wonderful journey with a great night at Thabor refuge in January. Mika thank you for bringing the wood for the stove :-) it's the price you pay to join the team.

Beautiful pictures, engagement, Free touring as we like it

Thank you to the Valfréjus resort, and the Maurienne region for their welcome.

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ISPO Award 2015

Gold winner for our free touring telemark binding

It is with great joy that we receive the distinction GOLD Winner awarded by our ISPO Award peers for our Free touring telemark binding : MEIDJO.

MEIDJO, a progressive and precise binding, lightweight and reliable, is named after the mountain of La Meije, evoking the peak, climbed and mastered by the combination of consistency and commitment, strength and fraternity of all who participated in the project.

MEIDJO is the result of several years of research and reflection, and above all a common work of all those who believed in this enterprise, industrial partners, ambassadors, Early Adoptors the PACI ... As such, we send a special thanks you to Collet Amblard who helped us from the beginning of the project.

Our free touring telemark binding awarded GOLD Winnerf at ISPO award

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Low tech retrofit campaign

Low tech retrofit

Following additional tests to ensure your safety THE M Equipment wishes to upgrade Low Tech MEIDJO. If your MEIDJO bears a serial number between « SN AA 0002 and 0140 », you are affected by this recall. The serial number is located on the box of your binding or under the sole of your Low Tech. If your purchase is prior to January 5, 2015, your attachment is inevitably a part of the lot THE M will pay the return costs in our workshop and the return home. If you want to go through your store, we will return the setting to the address of your choice.

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Serial Heelers - Hintertux

Season 1 - Episode 1

Telemark is our passion, and the freetouring is the heart of this noble sport. THE M Equipment is proud to announce the arrival of "Serial Heelers" its new Free Touring aimed web serie. Seb and Aymeric will delight us every month, this winter, in the most gorgeous European spots and they will be regularly join by guest of the family.

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Devèze corridor - Massif des Écrins

Massif des Écrins, south east of france

Sébastien Andréis has took the Devèze Corridor, in the Massif des Écrins, with two telemark in complete confidency. He was equiped with a pair of Meidjo and they have descended on a good snow the 40°. Read the full post to see the photos...

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