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To begin with a vocation... Being a link between all those who work for a better understanding of snow and avalanches.

  • Anena's Current missions are oriented mainly towards prevention through processing and dissemination of information, public education and professional training.
  • State-approved since 1976, the ANENA now has nearly 900 members, individuals or organizations, public or private, including 150 foreigners.

Founded in 1971 by Louis Neel, Nobel Prize in Physics, this institution of which Jean Faure was one of the founding members had a very rich and active life but also very agitated with in recent years, a number of difficulties. In accepting the presidency, Jean Faure "takes up the challenge to put the ANENA on track and make an efficient national and international tool." For this the statutes have been completely revised.

The composition is based on the ANENA triptych

  • a board of directors divided into six colleges representing all stakeholders in the risk sector with mayors, professionals, scientists, government and all other users,
  • a Scientific and Technical Council, chaired by Richard Lambert nivologue and academic
  • a Partners Club, together with Michel Richard, CEO of CAN Company located in Mirmande.

The new director Dominique Letang, the team management and leadership are the motor of this whole structure.

Vocational training

The ANENA form field staff safety:

  • Specialists in launching of avalanche using explosives;
  • Dog handlers in avalanche;
  • Avalanche launching servants;

It also intervenes on demand in vocational training courses where safety aspects are treated in snowy mountain (ski and snowboard sellers and renters, ski instructors, mountain guides, Water and Forestry agents, etc.) .

All these activities help to improve the competence of mountain professionals. They have been part of the activities of ANENA for many years.


Popularization of knowledge about snow, avalanches and snow mountain safety is a priority of ANENA. It is aimed at the general public (adults and children) as well as professionals from all backgrounds, in particular thanks to the documents it realises, manufactures and distributes in its quarterly magazine "Snow and Avalanche" and contacts with the media .

Its target consists of all persons who may be at risk of avalanche, on the occasion of the practice of any snow sports (gliding or not) practice:

  • Skiers and snowboarders off-piste;
  • Hikers skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding and even on foot;
  • Climbers.


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